Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dolci Gelati to Open a Pop-Up Gelateria Next Monday July 9!

Beginning Monday July 9, Dolci Gelati will be available to all when they open a new Pop Up Gelateria right in the storefront of LivingSocial’s live events space, 918 F Street.  This Pop-Up gelateria will allow Dolci Gelati, known for their gelato carts at National’s Stadium and for their pints which line the shelves of local markets such as Taylor Gourmet, to bring their all natural, artisan gelato to tourists and DC residents alike.   

As part of their new Frozen Treat Month, LivingSocial will be rotating various frozen treat companies throughout the month in a new concept, which brings companies such as Dolci Gelati to life for a week. Dolci Gelati has been in the market for more than five years and, although many have tasted their gelato in restaurants, at baseball games and at events in the city, few have had a say in the flavor variety.  This temporary store is an opportunity for gelato aficionados to try some of Dolci Gelati’s more unique flavors as well as some of their freshly made favorites.  Product will be fresh churned on a daily basis and will be delivered as needed to ensure optimal freshness and creaminess.

Chef Gianluigi notes, “We are excited to finally get to connect with our customers in a new way and bring our company to life in the form of a gelateria, even if it’s only for a week.  We are huge fans of LivingSocial and love the 918 F Street concept. We are thrilled to be part of Frozen Treat Month.” 

Throughout the week rotating flavors will include kettle corn gelato, peach tarragon, raspberry lemonade, and chocolate mint.  Chef Gianluigi would love Dolci Gelati fans to have a say in some of the flavors that will be served throughout the week.  Tweet @DolciGelati your flavor requests using the hashtag  #918FST or post requests on facebook . 


Dolci Gelati was started in 2005 by Former Italian champion water polo player turned pastry chef Gianluigi Dellaccio. Dolci Gelati offers many great varieties of gelato with a consistent level of quality that can only be achieved with artisan precision. The process starts every morning with deliveries from local dairy farms and other handpicked fruits, fine chocolates and other fresh ingredients.  Gelato offers the same great taste as ice cream with 1/3 the fat and none of the artificial ingredients. Gianluigi uses a 100% authentic Italian recipe and local fresh ingredients to bring you a little bit of Italy across the Atlantic.

Gianluigi whose experience takes him from Italy, Galileo and the Ritz Carlton also serves his gelato at The Washington National’s Stadium, The Pennsylvania Turnpike and hundreds of locations all over metro DC and further.  Dolci Gelati can also be found in pints at Whole Foods, Dean and Deluca, Taylor Gourmet and many more markets.  Ask about our catering packages, homemade popsicles, kettle corn, cotton candy and more!

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